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Low Light Pistol Match Saturday Jan 23rd

Bone Creek Gun Club north of Pittsburg, KS is hosting our annual Night Fighter low light pistol match Saturday January 23rd!

Here is the flyer: 2015 Bone Creek Night Shoot Flyer.

We’ll shoot about 120 rounds over four stages.  Competitors will shoot in one of two divisions (handheld or weapon mounted).  The top three in each division will be awarded a trophy plaque.

This match is limited to 50 shooters so read below then get on it if you want to enter.

Match intent – Test equipment realistically used for home defense, self defense or law enforcement in challenging low light conditions. That’s the intent not the requirement. This is a rare chance to see if your gear will actually work under a little stress, if you want to try out a low light race gun then have at it.

EQUIPMENT: Guns must be a service caliber (9/40/45/38/357).  No mouse guns, sub calibers, hyper velocity oddballs or big boomers.

COF – Stages will be designed like USPSA pistol stages and USPSA major scoring & safety rules will be in effect. Expect to open doors, fire through ports, under and around walls and on the move.

Who can enter – Shooting at night while moving around barricades can be dangerous. You will have to shoot from awkward positions and while on the move. This match is only open to shooters with experience in dynamic shooting.

Entrants must have shot at least 4 USPSA/IDPA, etc. matches OR be Law Enforcement or Military OR have attended professional training OR have a shooter the match director or range master knows vouch for you. If you don’t meet the requirements but want to enter contact match director Roger Lomshek in advance to discuss your qualifications.

ENTRY: $25 to shoot. Pre-register by emailing the info below to and pay at the match.  On site registration will only be allowed if space remains and pre-registering helps eliminate delays. Shooters will be divided into squads & rotate through stages. If you want to shoot with friends list their names in your email as preferred squad-mates. We will try to squad you together.

USPSA number (if member)
Phone #
Handgun division (Weapon mounted or Handheld)
Squad with

Appleseed rifle clinic Oct 17-18

BCGC is hosting an Appleseed rifle clinic Oct 17-18. Appleseed flyer with event info and pricing.  Come out and learn how to hit targets further away than you thought possible!

Walk-ons are welcome but you can register online in advance here.

Here’s a recent review by Michael Blane of Downrange TV after he attended an Appleseed.

Monthly USPSA Pistol Match

This Sunday (Sep 7th) will be our monthly USPSA pistol match with a rifle side stage.  Shawn’s still scheming on some stages (and always welcomes stage ideas) at but plan for something in the 150+ rounds range of handgun and less than 50 rounds of rifle.

Set up begins at 8 AM and we go hot at 10 AM.  Please be onsite by 9 AM and registered by 9:30 AM so we can stay on time.  Help is always appreciated setting up.

The forecast is sunny, dry and a high of 84 so it’s going to be a gorgeous day!

Bone Creek USPSA Sunday May 4th

We’ll compete Sunday May 4th (pistol only) with 6 stages and about 150 rounds total.  The forecast is 80’s, sunny and breezy!  Come out and have some fun.

Here’s the timeframe.

8:00 AM – Stage construction & registration opens

9:30 AM – Registration closes

9:50 AM – Safety briefing & Squad assignment

10:00 AM – Go hot

1:30 PM – Finish match and tear down

Shawn’s still designing the stages but expect some fun, challenging stages.

Remember if you’re new to competing the first match is free.  Adults cost $15 and kids cost $5.

Here’s a map if you haven’t made it to Bone Creek before.

Lost & Found – After the match we found a folding knife on the range.  If it’s yours let me know.

Concealed carry training – BCGC is hosting a CCH training class Saturday May 3rd. Follow the link below for all the info.

Hope to see you there!


Appleseed banner
Saturday Sep 28th & Sunday Sep 29th
Two locations to choose from for a great weekend of shooting!
Learn the American heritage of rifle marksmanship and Revolutionary War history!
Learning our heritage

On the line


Appleseed founder Fred will be our lead instructor in Pittsburg!
Longtime Appleseed instructor Daniel Hensch will run Tulsa.
Enjoy a fun filled weekend of top notch riflery and learn stories of Revolutionary War heroes you’ve never heard in school.



Register online today – Under 21 shoots for $20, Ladies $40 and
Men $80 for two days of world class instruction. Less if just one day.
LEO’s, all military and elected officials shoot free! Spread the word.
(registering in advance gets you a t-shirt and helps us bring enough gear)



Who can shoot – Anyone who can safely handle a rifle. Shooters as young as 5 and over 70 have taken part. Kids and adults, moms & dads and youth organizations are welcome.
Scouts – This is not a scouting program but the skills you learn will make merit badge qualification a walk in the park. This is a rare chance
to learn rifle shooting skills far beyond the average shooter.
Military and Law Enforcement – This class is much more than the Basic Rifle Marksmanship taught to all service members and teaches skills closer to the Squad Designated Marksman. The course is well suited to a beginner but allows a skilled shooter to advance to a much higher level.


Shooting is done on miniature targets at 25 yards that represent shots of 100 – 400 yards. Any kind of rifle is welcome but semi-autos with peep sights or scopes and removable magazines work best.

The short distance makes rimfires like Ruger’s 10/22 an excellent training rifle.

Centerfire rifles like the AR, M14, FAL, etc. are welcome if you can afford to feed them!
There may be a chance to shoot to 200+ yards on the second day if you shoot centerfire.


Everyone can shoot

Bone Creek Gun Club is midway between Pittsburg Family shooting
and Fort Scott, KS just west of Hwy 69. Click the link for a map.
GPS – N 37*37’49.0″      W 094* 43′ 12.6″
Facility – BCGC has a concrete pad and roof on the firing line. We have porta potties and that’s it. If you want water, food, chairs or anything else bring it with you. We will eat lunch on site. Check the weather forecast and dress accordingly!
Limited to 60 shooters!
Walk-ons are welcome if space allows.
Appleseed Firing Line
U.S. Shooting Academy is located north of Tulsa just east of Hwy 75.
Bring shade tents to stay out of the sun.

Boy shooting

Ammo (what & where to get it) – Check your
local gun store first. Some stores have supplies set back
for special events. Tell them you are shooting an  Appleseed class and they may open the safe.



Online price and availability lists can be found  at a

number of links on the ammo forum



We’ll shoot about 200 rounds each day!



.22LR is a lot cheaper but centerfire is allowed.


Answer the call
Will you accept the challenge and answer the call?


Online registration
General class & range info
Pittsburg, KS Tulsa, OK
Contact me with any questions!
Hope you can make it,
Roger Lomshek
Local Appleseed Coordinator